One of the main hazards of homeownership is that you’ll have to make emergency plumbing repairs at some point. If you’re lucky, the repairs will be straightforward, and you may even be able to perform them yourself. Either way, neglecting the issue could cause lasting damage to your home. Regardless of the scope of the problem, it’s always better to prevent than treat it. Having a quality northern Virginia plumbing company like DM Select Services on your side can make all the difference in preventing a plumbing emergency.


Running or Broken Toilets

The toilet sees a lot of use among your home’s plumbing fixtures. Because your toilet’s tank holds so much water, a small leak can quickly lead to devastating consequences for your home. The good news is that there are many things you can do to prevent these problems, and in many cases, you don’t even need a plumber to help replace broken or failing parts.

The best way to avoid toilet problems is to regularly inspect your toilet’s inner workings. Ensure the float is properly balanced and the fill tube is well secured.

If you suspect a leak in your toilet, add food coloring to the tank and wait about 20 minutes. If the food coloring has moved into the bowl, you’re probably looking at a leak, and you should call your northern Virginia plumbing company immediately.


Problems With Your Boiler or Water Heater

Professional Water Heater Inspection and Maintenance

Hot water is a necessity, and issues with your water heater or boiler can be more than inconvenient. In the worst-case scenario, they lead to gas leaks or massive flooding. Unlike with a toilet, there is only so much you can do to repair your water heater without hiring a professional. This is the kind of thing best left to an expert.

If your water heater isn’t working properly, the first step is to check the pilot light. Relight it if you need to, then check the temperature setting to ensure nothing has changed.

It’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your water heater regularly to prevent problems from cropping up, but you can also perform some basic maintenance on your own. Look for rust and signs of leakage, and listen for any unusual sounds from your water heater. Finally, remember to remove sediment from your water heater’s tank by periodically draining and refilling it.


Low Water Pressure

If you’ve ever had your water pressure cut off in the middle of a shower, you know what an urgent repair it is. Many things can cause a sudden drop in water pressure.

These include:

  • A water main break
  • Leaking or broken pipes
  • Sediment and mineral buildup in your pipes
  • Faulty aerators or showerheads

A water main break is the most likely culprit if your neighbors have also experienced a sudden drop in (or loss of) water pressure. Call your water company right away to repair it.

A leaking or clogged pipe might also be to blame if you have lost water pressure throughout your home. In that instance, your first step should be to stop using any water in your home and check your water meter several times over the next few hours. If your home’s water use is still increasing, you have a leak somewhere and should call a plumber immediately.

If the pressure loss is limited to a single room or even a single fixture, you may still have a leaky pipe, or the problem could be as simple as a blocked aerator. Thoroughly clean your faucet’s aerator and remove any buildup from the affected shower head.

One way to prevent buildup from clogging your pipes is to install a water filtration system. The other thing you can do is schedule regular inspections of your home’s plumbing system.


Backed Up Sinks or Drains

 Sink & Drainage Unclogging Service

Clogged drains are one of the most common reasons homeowners call a plumber, but in most cases, these calls are very easy to prevent if you take the proper measures.

The top way to prevent your drains from backing up is never to add items to your home’s plumbing system if your plumbing can’t handle it. This includes flushing non-flushable items such as tampons and pads, as well as adding fats and grease to your garbage disposal.

Snake out your frequently used drains every few months. Every big-box hardware store sells plastic drain snakes in bulk, and the process takes less than 10 minutes if you perform it regularly. When you do this properly, you reduce your need to use corrosive drain cleaners that may also cause pipe leaks.

Finally, consider using a hair trap or other filtration system in your shower. This can prevent clogs from forming in the first place.


Leaking Pipes and Faucets

Dripping faucets are more than a nuisance. They can add significantly to your water bill and even cause long-term damage to your home. As with all other plumbing issues, this is a case where prevention is the key.

Make it a habit of inspecting your faucets regularly. You want to be sure that their seals are intact and that the washers fit properly. Also, check that the valve seat hasn’t become corroded.

Be gentle when turning your faucets on and off. Handling them roughly could damage not only the fixtures but your pipes as well.

Don’t hesitate to call an expert plumber if you suspect a leak! Even seemingly straightforward cases may turn out to be quite complex.


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