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When you need fast, reliable help with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, trust DM Select Services. We give every one of our customers in the Burke area our full attention and the full benefit of our training and experience. That’s a major reason why we’ve been able to maintain an impeccable record for customer service. We have sterling reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google, and our Better Business Bureau rating is A+. Our team handles heating, air conditioning, and plumbing solutions for both residential and commercial customers in Burke, VA

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Burke, VA HVAC Services


AC Repair for Burke, VA

Air conditioning problems can be a tremendous hassle. Take the guesswork out of fixing your AC by turning to DM Select Services for all of your maintenance, repair, and installation needs! Our AC technicians are all thoroughly trained and experienced; you can rely on them to handle all of your air conditioning needs quickly and professionally at an affordable rate.

Air conditioning issues are always a pain, but they become positively intolerable in the hotter summer months. Our AC technicians are standing by to solve your AC problems year-round. Effective air conditioning is a must-have for a Virginia summer, but your equipment can develop problems even in the offseason. The lowest winter temperatures in our area are actually cold enough to damage your AC equipment all by themselves.

Whether your AC system has been out of action for a while or it’s recently developed an issue, our technicians can bring it back to peak performance. Thanks to our seasoned expertise, we can deliver the fastest, most effective, and most affordable solution to any sort of air conditioning problem. Get your home or business back to the comfortable temperatures you deserve!

My Air Conditioner Is Over 10 Years Old and Struggling

Is your AC on full blast but not cooling your space anymore? Have your power bills been higher than expected? The air conditioning unit of your HVAC doesn’t last as long as the furnace, generally not more than 10-15 years, and the one here sounds like it’s ready for retirement.

Energy Star recommends replacing your air-con after 10 years. This isn’t always possible or necessary for every situation, and some air-cons will continue to run well for 12 or even 15 years. However, when it is time to invest in a new unit, there is some good news. HVAC technology has developed rapidly in the area of energy efficiency, and you will probably save twenty percent to forty percent on your utility bills. That’s a pretty decent return on investment.

Contact DM Select Services immediately whenever you need help with AC maintenance, repair, or installation work.

Heating Services In Burke

It’s our customer-first approach that sets us apart and makes us one of Loudoun County’s most-trusted heating contractors. It’s tougher than it should be to find a heating contractor that delivers reliable and affordable service in the Burke area. That’s why we do everything we can to fulfill your expectations and meet your needs. Trust us to be upfront and honest about everything you need to know when it comes to heating system maintenance, repairs, inspection, and installation.

Our heating contractors work on both residential and commercial Burke properties. You can trust our experienced professionals to inspect your heating system knowledgeably and recommend the right steps to see that you get the best possible performance out of your equipment. We’re experts at detecting and diagnosing issues with your heating system. If we do find problems, we have the equipment and expertise necessary to fix them. Trust us to safeguard your heating system and you’ll enjoy efficient, effective heating (and lower energy bills) at all times.

If you need affordable and hassle-free heating repair services in Burke, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 703-992-7543!

Choosing a New HVAC System?

An HVAC unit with a humidifier is shown here.There comes a time sooner or later when you realize that your faithful heating and cooling system is on its last legs. HVAC systems have evolved and improved dramatically in recent years, so this need for replacement may not be as bad as you think. You will likely end up with a better performing, more economical, and safer unit than before. And since heating and cooling power make up over 40% of the average Burke resident’s utility bill, energy economy is a big deal.

There is a wide range of heating and cooling choices today, including hybrid systems that are particularly efficient for the climate in Burke. Or you can get a built-in humidifier like the unit on the right. DM Select Services are knowledgeable in the whole range of systems, from small mini-split units to whole-home central heating to industrial-sized setups. Call us today at 703-992-7543 or connect online to arrange a visit from one of our skilled and friendly technicians. They’ll look over your living space and help you to choose the best energy-efficient HVAC for you.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Burke, VA

Two Burke technicians standing in front of a newly installed unit.Burke’s Preferred HVAC Service Provider – DM Select Services. No matter what sort of HVAC equipment you have in your home or business, DM Select Services has the tools and professional expertise required to repair and maintain it. It’s easy to let minor issues with your HVAC system slide, but as they build up, they can seriously impede the system’s efficiency and effectiveness. To maintain optimum efficiency at all times, the smart choice is to schedule regular visits for maintenance and inspection. With HVAC equipment, the earlier you catch potential problems, the cheaper and easier they are to fix.

Our Burke HVAC service team is made up of highly experienced technicians. They have the breadth of experience, depth of training, and equipment necessary to root out virtually any HVAC problem. No matter how big or small your system is, our technicians know how to service and repair it. With over 60 combined years of experience delivering expert HVAC service to residential and commercial customers, the DM Select Services team is ready to help you solve your HVAC problems quickly and affordable. Keep your home or business comfortable by letting us handle all of your routine and emergency HVAC work.

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost? | HVAC Prices Today

There are many different kinds of heating and cooling units to choose from today, and different prices as well. It’s wise to stick to tried-and-proven known brands that you can expect years of strong operation and fewer repairs from. With the recent developments in HVAC energy efficiency, the cost of a new unit will be partly offset by a noticeable reduction in your heating and AC bills. DM Select Services offers a variety of payment plans so that your new HVAC will not only keep your home temperature comfortable, but your bank account as well.

Give us a call at 703-992-7543 or connect here for a free quote on a new unit and installation. Our technicians will be glad to provide information and advice on the best options and the latest HVAC technologies so that you can make a well-informed choice.

Struggling with a malfunctioning HVAC system is annoying – and costly! For the best HVAC support in Burke, get in touch with DM Select Services today.

“I often come across companies -big & small- who make mistakes, but never in my life have I come across a company so adamant on resolving them. After an error in pricing was made, the owner personally reached out to me to acknowledge the mistake and went above and beyond to remedy the issue. No hassles… no haggling… no nitpicking… just resolve! It’s situations like this that give me hope for the smaller companies operating amidst a world full of large corporate giants.

I look forward to working with DM Select in a month or so to get estimates for replacing my HVAC system. The tech that conducted the temporary repair was very knowledgeable and personable, and the owner left me in good confidence that I can recommend this company to folks around the neighborhood in similar need of HVAC work. Well done.”

- Chris R., Ashburn VA, 5 Star Review

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