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DM Select Services is proud to serve the air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and HVAC Fairfax Station VA needs of the families and businesses from our office located at 10332 Main Street #137 in Fairfax Station. Our professionals in air conditioning and heating installation and maintenance are ready to solve your servicing and emergency needs 24/7. Our respect for each local customer and our high quality of service is verified by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and amazing reviews on Yelp, Google and Angie’s List. We are always near you to serve all of your residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing needs. Call us today at (703) 991-2742 to talk with one of our air conditioner, heater, HVAC and plumbing experts. Also, have a look also at our Discounts and Specials page to save money on a whole house plumbing inspection and more!

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Fairfax Station VA AC Repair

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For peace of mind about whom to contact when you have problems with your AC system, call our expert technicians at (703) 991-2742 at DM Select Services. With 30 years of local experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are here to help with the kind of knowledge, experience, and skilled expertise that you should expect for the highest quality air conditioner repair.

When it comes to your AC, we understand how stressful it can be to experience problems, especially during the hottest months of summer. Our air conditioning experts service any and all AC issues you may be dealing with and are available often with same-day service. Although having your air conditioner functioning properly during the summer is essential, air conditioning systems can also be vulnerable to problems during the colder months. As temperatures dip to their yearly lows during the winter, the AC unit on your property can actually freeze.

DM Select professionals are on call any time to provide necessary ac repairs or installations as needed to ensure that your AC system is fixed and capable of functioning at peak performance. We make the process as simple, quick, and worry-free as possible for you so that your business office or home environment is always comfortable for your employees and your family’s needs.

Do I Need a New Air Con Unit

If your HVAC unit is over 10-15 years old and is requiring more in both repairs and utility bills to keep it running, it may be time to consider and upgrade. In particular, air con units typically start to break down after 10 years.

There is, however, a silver lining if you need to replace your HVAC system. Heating and cooling technologies have been improving so much that replacing an air con that is only 10 years old will save you 20 to 40 percent in energy costs. Upgrading from an older model AC with an EER rating of 5 to an EER 10-rated newer model can save you up to 40 percent in your cooling bills.

For friendly and efficient AC repair, maintenance, and installation services call DM Select Services today at (703) 991-2742.

Fairfax Station VA Air Conditioning Services

DM Select Services is proud to serve as one of the best local air conditioning companies with our team of technicians and contractors who enjoy amazingly positive reviews from our many local customers.  We understand how difficult it can be to find a local AC contractor Fairfax County that you can trust to provide reliable and trustworthy service, so we aim to prove our expertise as a company that cares about you, your family and your business to offer you the most efficient service in town.

Central Air Unit Maintenance Saves on Repairs

With extensive air conditioning and HVAC service experience in the industry, our experts are knowledgeable about the most up-to-date solutions for troubleshooting any problem you may have with your home or your business AC system. However, while AC repair is a common request, regular AC inspections for the system on your Fairfax Station residential or commercial property are important as well.

In the long run, scheduling regular maintenance and inspections with DM Select means that you will save money on any AC or HVAC problems that otherwise could have escaped your notice. Performing inspections allows us to detect and repair small issues before they become significant or cause a break down to keep your property cool and comfortable all year long. Even if your system is not in use, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it is ready to function optimally whenever you turn it on.

Call us today at (703) 991-2742 to schedule an inspection, maintenance or repair from our AC experts. We are here for you 24/7.

Fairfax Station VA HVAC Service

Photo of DM Select HVAC technician Steve H., who received a 5-star review and was named “Service Super Hero”.
Choose DM Select for the best HVAC Fairfax Station VA heating and cooling contractors with reliable 24/7 HVAC repair service

For the best HVAC Fairfax Station VA services to meet all the needs of your home and office heating and cooling systems, call DM Select Services at (703) 991-2742. We are fully equipped with the know-how and equipment to provide ongoing maintenance and even extreme weather emergency repairs to your HVAC system. Although it can be easy to let slide minor problems that come up with the heating and cooling systems in your property, regular HVAC inspections ensure that your system is operating at optimal efficiency. Minor issues with your HVAC system only seem small until they are not—and larger issues with the system will prove more costly to repair in the cold of winter or the heat of summer when these systems are most needed.

Our expert HVAC Fairfax Station VA contractors and technicians inspect and find the issues troubling your system based on a number of factors, including the age of your heating and cooling system and the layout of your home or office. Possessing over 60 years of combined experience serving local residents and commercial property owners in the Fairfax County, our respectful professionals have all the expertise necessary to efficiently attend to any issues you may have with the heating and cooling systems in your home. We strive to help you achieve an environment of comfort with an HVAC system that functions optimally to meet the needs of your property.

What Is the Best HVAC System for Me?

It’s definitely a big deal to purchase a new HVAC unit. There’s not only the initial cost of installation to consider, but the fact that heating and cooling your home or workplace typically make up at least 40 percent of your utility bills in a location like northern Virginia. It’s something you will be depending on for comfort and health for quite a few years, so it’s pretty important to make the right choice.

There are a variety of heating units available today, from forced air systems that use ducts to channel air throughout your living space, to systems that use boilers and radiators or radiant floors. For small spaces, there are ductless mini-split units. Our HVAC professionals in Fairfax Station will be glad to drop by and assess your living situation, and help you to choose the right unit to serve you well for years to come. We offer flexible payment plans, to make things work for your budget.

Don’t settle for an HVAC system that is not meeting your needs. Call DM Select Services. If you are googling an “HVAC Company near me” look no further. We are always ready to ensure your heat and air systems are properly taken care of. Our 24/7 number is (703) 991-2742.

Fairfax Station VA Heating Repair

Our people-focused approach to heating repair has made us the most popular and trusted heating contractor companies in Fairfax County. We are available to inspect and maintain your heating system needs from our nearby office. We are a heating contractor you can always rely on to provide quick and reliable service and follow up, and work with you to ensure you are aware of the heating system maintenance, inspections, and repair services we implement in your home and business locations.

DM Select’s HVAC Virginia service area includes all of Fairfax County where we are always available to service both residential and commercial properties. Our heating professionals examine your furnace and entire heating system with an expert eye to ensure that it is performing at its best to meet your heating needs in the cold months in Virginia. We detect and quickly diagnose any problems your heating system may have and provide the repairs or installations that best suit your budget, including offering financing for larger projects. By applying our expertise, we work with you to reduce your heating costs and improve the overall functionality of the heating in your home and business locations.

How Much Does a New HVAC System Cost | Furnace Prices Today

As mentioned before, there is a wide range of HVAC options, depending on the size and function of your living or work space, your budget and other factors. There are also different options when it comes to pricing. Newer units are getting much more efficient, so you will save both energy and finances with an upgraded system, and that needs to be factored into your decision-making process as well.

Let our DM Select technicians help you assess your living space and needs, and take the guesswork out of deciding which new unit is right for you.

Call now at (703) 991-2742 to discover the many reasons we are the best Fairfax County Heating Company and have your heating system installed and serviced promptly.

“Andrew came out to give us a second opinion to an expensive repair that another company had quoted us. He discovered that what they had told us was not even broken but there was something else that was much less expensive to repair. He did the repair which fixed our unit and made sure to show us exactly the problem. We were completely satisfied with the service and feel grateful we got that second opinion!”

- Kim C., 5 Star Review

“Steve H showed up on time, with a great attitude! I know it must have been a long day for him, and a 6 pm service call was surely at the end of the day. You wouldn’t have known it with Steve, as he was so patient and correctly diagnosed the issue with my HVAC unit in about 10 minutes. He explained everything to me and showed his professionalism throughout the entire process. DM Select will be my go to HVAC/Plumber service provider from here on out!

- Kyle M., 5 Star Review

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