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Fairfax, VA HVAC, Air Conditioning, AC Repair and Heating Repair Services

DM Select Five Star Reviews

DM Select Services fleet of air conditioning and heating service and installation professionals are prepared to solve your problems in a prompt manner. Our respect for every single Ashburn customer and high quality of service is proven by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and exceptional reviews on Yelp, Google and Angie’s List. We serve Ashburn’s residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs.

Fairfax, VA HVAC Services

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Fairfax, VA HVAC Service


When you need a Fairfax HVAC contractor with the knowledge and experience to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency, you can depend on us at DM Select Services. Servicing the residents of Fairfax, VA, we use our client-centric approach to save our customers money and keep their HVAC systems in smooth running order.

As a local heating and air contractor, our services include routine inspections, maintenance, and repair for residential and commercial properties throughout Fairfax, VA. Unlike many other local heating and cooling companies, we have over 60 years of combined experienced in the servicing of heating and cooling systems our technicians have the expertise needed to detect any flaws in your HVAC systems. Even minor issues that over time can lead to larger problems and costly repairs won’t go undetected by our team of professionals. We have saved home and business owners their hard-earned money with our premium HVAC services.

Whether it’s a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair service, we have what it takes to keep your systems running efficiently and your energy bills down. Contact us today for an HVAC service in Fairfax, VA, and we’ll send one of our friendly technicians to your doorstep to give you the expert service you deserve. Whether you need a commercial HVAC contractor or a local heating and air company, call DM Select Services.

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Fairfax, VA AC Repair


When you need air conditioning repair service, there’s a reason DM Select Services is an industry leader in Fairfax, VA. We put the customer first, every time. Give us a call, and we’ll send a friendly and expert technician to your property right away.

Our air conditioning repairs are available to both residential and commercial properties. When the heat is blazing, the last issue you want to deal with is a broken air conditioner. But air conditioning services aren’t essential only in hotter temperatures—in cold temperature, malfunctioning air conditioners can also let freezing air indoors. Faulty air conditioners can cause fluctuating temperature, leading to increased energy bills. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure your air conditioning is in optimal condition year-round to maintain your indoor temperature and energy bills just as you want.

With years in the industry, we’ve earned our customers’ trust by putting their needs first. Our customer-centric approach has given us the opportunity to create lasting relationships because our clients know they can depend on us for their air conditioning repairs. Call us for ac repairs, central air repair service, air conditioning replacement and commercial air conditioning repair service.

Give us a call and discover how we can help you with air conditioning repair services in Fairfax, VA.

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Fairfax, VA Air Conditioning Services


Finding an honest, hard-working air conditioning contractor in Fairfax, VA is easy when you choose DM Select Services. Our team of highly-trained air conditioning technicians and contractors will utilize their knowledge to ensure your systems are in premium conditions year-round. From routine inspections to maintenance and repairs, we put our expertise to the test to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Air conditioning issues often go unnoticed until a serious malfunction happens, but it’s crucial to keep these systems in optimal running condition year-round. A faulty air conditioning system can lead to leaks, fluctuating temperatures, and spikes in your utility bill. With our routine inspection and maintenance services, you can trust our technicians and contractors to detect any flaws in your air conditioning system. They will give you an honest assessment and recommendations, so you can rest assured that your air conditioning systems are running efficiently without increasing your bills.

Our customers in Fairfax, VA know that when they want trustworthy and dependable AC services, we have just the team to get the job done right and do so in a timely manner.

Contact us today to request an air conditioning contractor in Fairfax, VA, and let us help you save money with efficient air conditioning systems.

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Fairfax, VA Heating Repair


For trusted local heating repair service in Fairfax, VA, you can depend on our team of knowledgeable professionals. When the temperatures drop, a faulty heating system is not something you should risk. A faulty heating system not only increases your heating bills but can leave you in dangerously cold conditions. From inspection, to maintenance and heating repair services, we provide comprehensive solutions for your heating needs.

We service both residential and commercial properties in Fairfax, VA—no heating system is too big or too small for our heating technicians. Our highly-trained and friendly technicians are equipped to detect any issues in your system. With our maintenance and heating repair services, your heating system will operate better than before saving you the long-term costs of heating and ensuring your systems are running efficiently. Whether you need furnace repair services, heating furnace repair or heating unit repair, we’ve got your heating repair covered.

Our proven commitment to our customers shows in the excellent reviews we have received. We treat every customer in Fairfax, VA with the highest respect and concern for their needs. When you need a reliable and trustworthy heating contractor, look no further than DM Select Services.

Call today to get experienced and friendly technicians out to your Fairfax, VA property.


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“Today, a service rep (Steve) from DM Select came to my home for an appointment to check out my HVAC.  Steve did call a half hour from his time of arrival, which was within the arranged time period.  Although this was a routine seasonal inspection, Steve efficiently went thru each piece of equipment, inside and outside the house, checking to see if it was working properly.

In the end, everything checked out fine.  Steve did not try to sell me anything else, schedule periodic inspections or the like.  DM Select’s fee for the inspection was less than I expected.

I appreciate the prompt appointment, made just the day before.

Prior to this, DM determined that the HVAC unit at another property was caput.  They gave me an estimate for a new unit, and when I agreed to the price, they installed a quality system the very next day.  I am sure the renters were pleased, as they only missed AC one day.  If the renter is happy, I am happy!”

- Charles, Fairfax VA, 5 Star Review

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DM Select Services local owners, Dan McCarthy and Jim Workman have provided Northern Virginia plumbing, heating and cooling services and installations since 1983. Highly skilled technicians and a passion for excellence and value.

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