In times of crisis, America’s workforce has always been more than eager to grab life by the tail, pull it in and set it straight. In World War II, the world was witness to the mighty force of working hands banding together to face off with tyranny.

Today, we watch again as blue-collar folks take this global pandemic head-on. Whenever we fall to pieces, it’s the working class that rebuilds us. We would like to take the time to thank HVAC Technicians for the role they play in times like this.

The Importance of HVAC Systems in the Modern ERA

You’re right in thinking that human beings lived for a long time without HVAC systems. But to use this as a reason to believe these systems aren’t that important to the human race is a mistake.

Before HVAC systems, our advancements and comfort were quite limited. Indoor air quality is critical for so many functions in the modern era.

Manufacturing and production, food storage and transportation, and even repair services all rely heavily on the environment sound HVAC systems can provide. But perhaps what is the most important in our battle with COVID-19 is that hospitals and other medical care establishments need good indoor air quality to care for and comfort the ill and elderly and even for storage of medicine.

While we might only consider the comfort this industry provides us with at the end of the working day, we should be thankful it’s there to give us so much more. So much so, that life as we know it wouldn’t be possible without it.


thank HVAC Technicians for the role they play in times like this



Hospitals need HVAC Techs

In a hospital setting, HVAC techs are working around the clock to battle COVID-19.

As aforementioned, these folks need to work tirelessly to keep stable conditions within medical care establishments. Consistent temperatures will not only help the patients feel comfortable during their visit but can also help them recover if they have fallen ill.

But heating and air conditioning aren’t all they do. Ventilation is a big part of the trade of HVAC, but in keeping the spread of COVID-19 down, it’s everything.

The virus itself is approximately 0.125 microns in diameter but often travels in aerosols, which measure .3-.5 microns in size. Special care needs to be taken to filter these contaminants out of the air properly. Proper air filtration prevents the virus from spreading to other patients, doctors, nurses, and even the workers within the hospitals.

As the pandemic spreads, specialized equipment and filtration system sources are thinning. HVAC service technicians must manufacturer their own solutions, which gives us even more of a reason to recognize their outstanding efforts.

Senior Living and HVAC

It’s an unfortunate reality that hospitals are breeding grounds for this virus, and you may think of the technicians who monitor and maintain the systems within as our frontline of defense. But the battle doesn’t end there. Keeping those who are at-risk is just as important. COVID-19 is a significant threat to the elderly, meaning that HVAC techs are working just as hard to provide the same quality services to senior living institutions.

Any establishment that offers specialized care to those living with serious health issues or pre-existing medical conditions can provide proper care in-part of the work HVAC technicians do.

The Fight Comes Home

When the ACCA demanded policymakers exempt HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration) technicians of any rules that would otherwise force their businesses to shut down, they weren’t only speaking for those who would work for institutions in the medical field.

While we all spend our days indoors under self-quarantine or to practice social distancing, we are inadvertently working our home HVAC systems to the bone. If these systems fail or we postpone routine maintenance, we can run into several risks.

The first thing anyone will think of is the compromise of comfort. However, failing components within the HVAC system can damage the home and even risk the safety of those within it. We can’t leave our homes in this pandemic, never mind lose it, which is why we need our HVAC technicians now more than ever.


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Concluding Thoughts

Maybe our presentation was a bit heavy, but HVAC technicians are unsung heroes in this time of need. Your parent, aunt or uncle, cousin, or even a friend who works in this industry is getting up every day to keep the world running. They do so without expecting a thank you; instead, they are just happy to make a paycheck. Take the time to thank them.

Take the time to thank all of those in the working force, putting their health at risk. It’s not just HVAC technicians whose hands are on deck. Plumbers, electricians, automotive technicians, and more are all hard at work to keep the world turning, and we should all recognize them for it.