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DM Select Services is proud to serve the plumbing, ac, furnace and HVAC Leesburg VA needs of the families and businesses in the historic city of Leesburg VA from our office located at 525 E Market St #217. Our experts in air conditioning and heating service and installation are prepared to solve your installation, maintenance and emergency needs 7 days a week. Our respect for every single Leesburg customer and high quality of service is verified by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and remarkable reviews on Yelp, Google and Angie’s List. We serve your residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs. Call today at 703-936-8205 to speak to one of our plumbing, ac and heating professionals. Check out our Discounts and Specials page to save money on a 25-point heating tune up and more!

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Leesburg, VA AC Repair

DM Select Services possesses a top-rated team of Leesburg AC repair contractors capable of meeting all your air-conditioning needs. Able to provide an unmatched level of quality service, our technicians perform AC repair quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of your individual property.

Serving Loudoun County residents and business owners since 1983, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise you expect to adequately assess any AC unit that is in need of repair. We understand how stressful it can be to experience air conditioning issues and work diligently to ensure you can return your home or business space to one of comfort in no time. Our reliable technicians have the experience to adequately inspect and diagnose issues with your air conditioner, as well as provide the necessary repairs or new installations as needed.

Having an AC system that runs properly throughout the year—and especially during those dog days of summer—is essential and allows you to maintain peace of mind within the comfort of your own home. Our friendly, reliable service can economically upgrade your home to central air conditioning, offering solutions you can trust.

Call us today at 703-936-8205 to find out for yourself why we are Leesburg’s top-rated AC repair company for local residents.

Leesburg, VA Air Conditioning Services

DM Select Services proudly serves as one of the area’s leading Leesburg air conditioning contractors through our provision of top-rated AC services. We are an air conditioning company that cares, operating with values that prioritize our customers and the needs of your property. Quality AC repair involves more than just meeting the bare minimum, and we continually strive to prove our superiority in providing air conditioning services you can rely on as a valued local resident.

Our qualified ac technicians aim to utilize the most efficient solutions when attending to your air conditioning needs, whether that means performing a thorough inspection of your system, providing repairs, or installing a new AC unit on your property. With over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, our experts are trained to perform AC services quickly and skillfully to make the process as easy as possible for our valued local customers. We perform our repairs and inspections right the first time, and can schedule our property visits to meet the individual needs of your schedule for your convenience.

Is it Time for a New Air Con?

You installed your then state-of-the-art HVAC system 15, or maybe even just 10, years ago. Lately, though, you’ve been calling in the service guy a lot and your warm-weather power bill is steadily increasing even though you’re using the air con in the same way. It might be time to think of replacing your system, or at least the AC unit, which is apt to fail faster than the furnace.

HVAC technology has improved so much in the past decade that you can save 20-40% on power bills just by replacing your system. An AC with an EER-10 rating could save you up to 40% on your monthly bills, and that’s not even mentioning what you’d save on repair costs!

Call us today at 703-936-8205 to receive assistance from a quality Leesburg AC contractor.

Leesburg, VA HVAC Service

Choose DM Select for the best ac repair Leesburg and for prompt 24/7 HVAC repair service
Morven Park in Leesburg VA

DM Select Services offers the best HVAC Leesburg VA service to meet the needs of your property’s internal heating and cooling systems. Whether you are in need of professional maintenance, repair, or new HVAC system installation, our expert technicians are available to help. Prioritizing values of reliable, old-fashioned customer service and leading innovative solutions to fix any HVAC system issues you may be experiencing, we have the tools necessary to assist you in your time of need.

The discomfort that can result from an ill-functioning HVAC system is not something to be taken lightly. When your heating and cooling systems are not operating at their optimal level, your home can grow stuffy during the summer or freezing during the winter months. Having regular HVAC inspections of your heat and air system ensures that your home or business environment can be one of comfort year-round. Our friendly and professional local ac and furnace technicians and plumbers work to help put your mind at ease by providing efficient repair and maintenance services that are affordable to you.

Upgrading Your HVAC | What You Need to Know

Whether you need to upgrade or install a new HVAC system in your home for comfort or health, choosing the right system is a big decision. Apart from the initial costs, running an HVAC system accounts for a sizeable portion of your monthly utility bills. So you want to make sure you pick a system that will be cost-effective for you as well as fill your heating and cooling requirements.

Our HVAC service personnel in Leesburg, VA are well versed in all varieties of systems. You can have a consultation done on your home to determine the best fit for your situation, whether that be a forced-air system using ducts, a ductless mini-split unit, a change or installation of a furnace, a boiler, an air-conditioner or anything in between. We’ve got great payment plans, so you can have the best system for your home without breaking the bank.

Call 703-936-8205 today at our Leesburg location to speak to a representative and receive assistance from our expert HVAC Virginia system contractors.

Leesburg, VA Heating Repair

Finding a quality Leesburg heating company is essential for when you find yourself experiencing issues with your property’s heating system. The temperatures during winters in Virginia can be unforgiving, which is why we offer our expert heating repair services to ensure you do not have to suffer discomfort. By offering both emergency furnace repair and regular heating inspections and heater maintenance, we are able to give year-round assistance that helps you cut heating costs for your home.

Picture of modern HVAC system installation in a home basement.Our expert heating contractors are trained to provide innovative, efficient repair solutions that adequately address any issues you may be experiencing with your furnace. Whether it simply will not turn on, or is not functioning as well as it used to, our professionals are experienced in properly diagnosing your heater’s issues and subsequently providing the necessary repairs. We take care of our local customers and their properties as a company that employs respectful technicians brimming with unmatchable expertise.

Providing efficient heating repair services since 1983, our experts are capable of meeting your repair needs as a valued Loudoun County homeowner. Never again worry about which company to turn to when you experience heating issues or emergency furnace problems. Our team of professionals is ready to offer their services 7 days a week as representatives of a company that you can trust.


What to Expect When Purchasing a New HVAC Unit | Furnace Costs 2020

Modern heating and cooling systems are more energy-efficient than older models, so even though it’s a big investment, you can expect to recover a lot of the cost in reduced energy and repair bills. Estimates for 2020 run $5,000-$9,000 for the HVAC unit in situations where ductwork is already in place, and $7000-$12,000 including the ductwork. The brand, model, function, type of system, size, and labor costs are just a few of the factors that affect the price of installing a new HVAC system.

To assist you in making the right choice of a system that’s suited to your needs, budget, and home or workplace layout, speak to one of DM Select Services’ qualified HVAC technicians. We will assess your location and advise you on the optimal system for your situation.

Call us today at 703-936-8205 to find out for yourself why we are Northern Virginia’s top-rated heating repair company and have your heater attended to promptly.

“Excellent experience. The workmen did a great job removing and installing my new HVAC system. The price for the new system was very reasonable and they were able to schedule the installation quickly.”

- May T., 5 Star Review

“Steve H***** is a consummate professional. I’ve never met anyone with so much HVAC expertise. He is an expert and takes time to explain any problems as well as make recommendations on increasing system efficiency and improving quality of life with respect to residential HVAC. I highly recommend Steve H***** needing a professional HVAC technician!”

- Bill T., 5 Star Review


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