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Expert Heaters and Air Conditioner Check-Up Services in Loudoun County, VA

Feeling the heat this summer in Northern Virginia? If so, your AC unit may need a tune-up from our heating and cooling experts at Loudoun County, VA. 

We know that you made a significant investment in your air conditioning system when you bought or built your home or business or had a system upgrade many years ago. Even if you inherited an older unit from a previous Brambleton homeowner, you rely on it to keep you and your family comfortable during hot summers. So when your AC system breaks down, you need a reliable company with trained technicians that you can trust. 

At DM Select Services – Loudoun County, VA, we specialize in full-service HVAC, heating and air conditioning, repairs, replacements, and installations in and around Loudoun County, VA. So whether you need an emergency repair in the middle of the night or a routine tune-up to keep your AC working during the heat of the summer, our team of technicians is ready and waiting to help. 

If your heater or air conditioning system has seen better days, give our team at Loudoun County, VA a call at 703-936-8205 to receive a free estimate or schedule a service appointment today.

Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors in Brambleton

At Loudoun County, VA, we continually raise the bar when it comes to providing exemplary service to our customers. Our team pursues ongoing education and rigorous industry training, allowing us to offer full-service replacements, repairs, and installations on units of every make and model. 

We provide a wide variety of HVAC services in the Loudoun County, VA, area, including: 

  •       HVAC installation
  •       HVAC maintenance
  •       Mini-split installation
  •       Heating and cooling systems
  •       Geothermal HVACs and pumps
  •       Attic insulation
  •       Indoor air quality maintenance
  •       Residential zoning units
  •       Regular safety inspections
  •       Unit tune-ups
  •       And much more

Most importantly, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. From minor repairs to the most complex system failures, we’ll work tirelessly to restore your unit to proper working order. 

In addition, we offer extended warranties on qualified units and customizable maintenance plans that help add years to your system’s life. For more information on our services, personalized maintenance plans for Loudoun County homes and businesses, and system warranties, give us a call today at 703-936-8205.

Common Heating and Cooling System Repairs

Most homeowners dread the thought of a broken HVAC unit. Between the poor air circulation, decreased air quality, and soaring interior temperatures in summer (or plunging ones in winter), a malfunctioning HVAC unit causes nothing but frustration. 

Even so, many people may attempt to delay a service call, try a DIY repair, or decide to tough it out to save money. 

While our team appreciates a budget-conscious customer, we know that delaying repairs can end up costing you more in the long run. However, in most cases, we can provide a quick fix and let you get back to your life without further interruption. 

We’ve seen virtually every kind of HVAC malfunction, breakdown, and failure in homes and businesses throughout Ashburn and Brambleton. While some repairs pose a more significant challenge than others, the most common – and quickly corrected – HVAC unit problems include: 

  •       Malfunctioning thermostats
  •       Limited airflow
  •       Dirty or clogged filters
  •       Refrigerant leaks
  •       Frozen evaporator coils
  •       Loud noises
  •       Blown fuses
  •       Faulty wiring

When you call our team at Loudoun County, VA, we’ll work with you to schedule a service call at your earliest convenience. Once onsite, our trained technicians will conduct a thorough investigation of your unit. Then, we will likely repair the issue on the spot. If your unit requires a special-ordered piece, our team will order the part and return at a convenient time for a follow-up appointment. 

However, if our technicians determine that your unit has passed the point of repair, we’ll guide you throughout the replacement process. From choosing the best unit for your property to creating a personalized maintenance plan after installation, you can count on us for quality service and expert care from start to finish.

Heaters and AC Maintenance in Loudoun County, VA

Did you know that regular maintenance calls can keep your HVAC unit working more efficiently and even add years to its life? Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t consider a service call until they notice a problem. 

That said, ongoing maintenance allows our team at Loudoun County, VA to prevent degradation, identify potential issues before they occur, and perform regular tune-ups for an even more efficient system.

Benefits of HVAC System Maintenance Programs

Routine maintenance can delay replacements and prevent expensive repair costs. These precautionary inspections also provide additional benefits, however, including: 

  •       Increased efficiency
  •       Improved air quality
  •       Enhanced indoor comfort
  •       Extended HVAC lifespan

No matter if you’ve just installed a new system in your home or want to stall getting a replacement for a few more years, our HVAC check-up experts can help. Give us a call at 703-936-8205 today to learn more about how we can help keep your air conditioning system in working order.

Should I Repair or Replace My Heating and Cooling System?

The most common question we receive while on service calls is, “When should I replace my HVAC unit?” Of course, every HVAC contractor company may have a different answer, but at Loudoun County, VA, we recommend erring on the side of caution and upgrading your system well before it fails. 

If you’ve just installed a new, high-quality unit, you can expect it to last between ten and 20 years. However, if you inherited an older unit from a previous property owner, you may find that you need to replace your heating and cooling system sooner than you may have expected. 

While each unit varies, your HVAC system may need an upgrade if: 

  •       It’s ten years old or older
  •       You’ve noticed an increase in your utility bills
  •       Your unit can’t regulate your home’s temperature
  •       You hear loud noises from your unit
  •       Your home feels more humid
  •       You find dust on your home’s surfaces

Most importantly, if your latest repair estimate rings in at half of the cost or more of a new unit, you may prefer to upgrade sooner rather than later. For example, opting for a modern EER 10 model HVAC unit can cut your energy costs by up to 40%, allowing you to recover your investment quickly.

Reliable HVAC Service in Ashburn, VA

If you need HVAC repairs or replacement, emergency service, or installations, don’t waste any more time calling local contractors for estimates. Instead, trust our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians at Loudoun County, VA. We’ll work quickly to restore your system, allowing you to return to your life without the hassle of a drawn-out repair. 

When you choose our team, we can guarantee: 

  •       Reliable quotes that we stand by
  •       A detailed breakdown of costs before we begin work
  •       Exceptional results
  •       Unmatched customer care
  •       Extended warranties on qualified HVAC systems

Don’t suffer through another day with a malfunctioning heating and cooling system. If you need comprehensive HVAC services in Brambleton, Ashburn, or throughout Loudoun County, VA, area, give our team at Loudoun a call today at 703-936-8205.

“Excellent experience. The workmen did a great job removing and installing my new HVAC system. The price for the new system was very reasonable and they were able to schedule the installation quickly.”

– May T., 5 Star Review

“Steve H***** is a consummate professional. I’ve never met anyone with so much HVAC expertise. He is an expert and takes time to explain any problems as well as make recommendations on increasing system efficiency and improving quality of life with respect to residential HVAC. I highly recommend Steve H***** needing a professional HVAC technician!”

– Bill T., 5 Star Review


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