Your home’s plumbing system is responsible for supplying clean water and removing wastewater. However, despite the vital role of a property’s plumbing, most property owners fail to take proper care of their pipes, fittings, drainage components, and fixtures.

In this post, a leading member of our Northern Virginia team at DM Select Services offering Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing in Burke discusses the importance of maintaining your plumbing system.


Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies, such as a pipe burst, water heater breakdown, or drainage issue, occur when you least expect them. These plumbing issues are also highly inconvenient, especially if they occur while you are sleeping or getting ready to leave for work. However, with proper maintenance, unexpected plumbing problems are also preventable.

During an inspection, a professional plumber should be able to detect pipe corrosion, fitting deterioration, sediment build-up, or other potential causes of plumbing emergencies. Replacing these old and deteriorated components ensures that your plumbing system operates reliably with no issues.


Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Plumbing maintenance might seem like an unnecessary expense. Why should you spend money on a routine plumbing service if everything appears to be in working condition?

A plumbing inspection is necessary to detect minor issues that can potentially result in extensive damage that would be expensive to repair. A small water leak is a typical example of such an issue.

Suppose a small O-ring in an inlet pipe deteriorates, forming a leak in your roof that you don’t notice. Even at a low flow rate, a water leak can damage your property, especially if the water lands on a roof truss, ceiling, or interior wall.

Water leaks are generally quick and affordable plumbing repairs. However, replacing a rotten roof truss or ceiling can be costly. Scheduling plumbing maintenance services is an effective way to avoid these costs.


Ensure a Healthy Indoor Environment

 Pipe, Joints, and Clogs Plumbing Repair Services

Pipe corrosion, loose joints, drain clogs, and unregulated water pressures can cause indoor leaks. As a result, moisture builds up on nearby surfaces while the humidity levels in your home increase. These factors provide the ideal environment for the development of mold colonies, and they can attract pests, such as cockroaches and silverfish.

Exposure to mold spores and pest droppings can result in various health complications, including allergies, respiratory issues, and irritation of the eyes, skin, or throat. You might also notice unpleasant odors around your home.

Regular plumbing services contribute to a healthy indoor environment free of harmful pollutants.


Reduce Your Water Bills

Do you have one or more leaky faucets in your home? A dripping faucet might not seem like a big money waster, and most homeowners don’t give them a second thought.

However, ten or more drips per minute can amount to a yearly water wastage of hundreds of gallons. A running toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water per month.

Regular plumbing maintenance minimizes your water bill and gives you peace of mind that you are not wasting your hard-earned money.


Improve Your Water Quality

Water Supply Pipes Installers

As your home’s water supply lines deteriorate, contaminants enter your plumbing system. Water flowing through your supply lines can pick up contaminants, such as pathogens, that are growing in your supply line. Iron corrosion supports biofilm growth by protecting microbes from disinfectants.

Water pipe deterioration, supply line breaks, water pressure losses, and biofilm accumulation increase your household’s risk of waterborne diseases. These factors can also contribute to other health concerns, such as diarrhea and hepatitis A.

Frequent plumbing services mitigate these health concerns, ensuring that your home’s water supply is suitable for everyday use.


Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Do you want to sell your home? A well-maintained plumbing system can contribute significantly to your property’s resale value. Prospective buyers generally want to know that they won’t have to deal with plumbing emergencies, water damage, and other issues after moving in.


Maintain the Correct Water Pressure

Plumber regulating water pressure

You don’t want to deal with sudden drops in water pressure when you shower. However, the importance of maintaining the correct water pressure extends beyond a relaxing shower.

Your home’s water pressure should range from 40 to 60 pounds per square inch. At this pressure setting, your water supply is neither trickling nor spouting. Signs of water pressure that is too low include:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Pipe corrosion and rust
  • Mineral and sediment build-up
  • Insufficient water distribution throughout your home
  • Blockage formation in your pipes

A water pressure that is too low can also be inconvenient. For example, you might find that running a bath takes a long time or your dishes come out of the washer dirty.

Water pressure that is too high puts your plumbing system under strain. If the water pressure in your home is 80 pounds per square inch or higher, you might eventually encounter issues such as:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Seal failures
  • Appliance wear
  • High water bills

Regular plumbing services keep your water pressure in check, prolonging your appliances’ lifespan and preventing leaks.


Ensure Optimal Water Drainage

Safely removing wastewater from your property is a critical role of your plumbing system. If wastewater accumulates due to a blockage or drain line leak, it can create an unsanitary and unsafe environment. Wastewater can also cause structural damage or wreak havoc on your garden.

A plumbing maintenance service should include a check for potential blockages due to tree root growth, poor pipe installations, or grease build-up. If we detect a potential problem, we take immediate steps to restore your drain lines’ function.


How Often Should You Schedule Plumbing Maintenance?

At DM Select Services in Burke, VA, we recommend that you schedule a plumbing maintenance service annually and when planning future home projects.

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