When you have a plumbing issue, you need to contact a plumber quickly. Your plumbing system is essential to your home and everyday life. A leaky pipe or failing sump pump can inflict expensive damage to your property while disrupting your busy life.

As a trusted Lorton plumbing company, our team at DM Select Services put together this guide for how to choose a plumber.


1. Choose an Experienced, Licensed, and Insured Plumber

When searching for a local plumbing company to unclog your toilet or replace your garbage disposal, it goes without saying that you want an established plumber with years of experience.

Experienced plumbers work efficiently and have experience with a broad range of plumbing issues. You can usually learn about how long a company has been in business by checking the home page or about section on its website. When a company doesn’t have its established year available, do a quick Google search of the company name to see what the results show.

You also want a plumbing company with all the appropriate licenses and insurance. No one should leave the fate of their sewer lines to an inexperienced plumber who could inflict damage if things go wrong—especially without insurance. Check for a license number on the company’s website or vehicles.

Make sure you request proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance before allowing a plumber to proceed with working on your home or business. This protects you and the plumber from damage or accidents.


2. Check The Company’s Reputation, References, and Reviews

Thinking of hiring a plumber? Here are the top five things you need to know before making your decision.

You can break down a company’s reputation into two categories: references and reviews. You want a plumbing company with a strong reputation that shows they foster good relationships with customers and care about the quality of work.

Before contacting a plumbing company, read the reviews available on its social media platforms or Google:

  • Does this company have four- to five-star ratings?
  • What do the worst reviews say, and how recently were they posted?
  • What do the most recent reviews reveal about the level of work the company currently provides?

If you find solid reviews and ratings that stay consistent over time, it’s a good sign that this company does satisfactory work. For example, DM Select Services is a Lorton plumbing company with a 4.8-star rating on Google and 482 reviews available, plus testimonials. You can also check testimonials on the website for similar information.

When you make your first call to the plumbing company, ask for recent references. Plumbing companies that built a strong reputation will be happy to provide a list of satisfied customers for you to contact about their work.


3. Can the Plumber Guarantee Your Satisfaction?

Plumbing companies that have confidence in their plumbers and quality of work will have some sort of guarantee in place that ensures your satisfaction after completing the job. When you inquire about your quote, ask for a policy on the warranties they offer.

From installing water heaters to drain cleaning services, any plumber should have enough confidence in their work to provide you with some sort of guarantee or warranty for their services. Should any issues related to that service arise at a later time, they will handle it for you for free.


4. Find a Plumber Who Communicates Well

Professional Plumbing Installer

Communication plays an essential role in building long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

During your preliminary conversations with a plumbing company or its plumbers, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was the representative happy to explain issues and necessary work or parts to you in terms you understand?
  • Did the plumber take the time to visit your home or business before giving a quote? Or did they just give a quote over the phone?
  • Are you able to contact the plumber before a job begins?
  • If you leave a message or send an email or text, how quickly does your point of contact get back to you?
  • Does the plumbing company have 24/7 emergency services available in case you have a serious problem?
  • Will the work require one person or a team?
  • Can they provide an accurate estimate of the money and time needed?

If you can answer these questions satisfactorily, you’re one step closer to hiring a reputable plumbing company that provides quality services with confidence.


5. Hire a Plumber with Comprehensive Installation and Repair Services

Many plumbing issues require more than just repairs. Sump pumps, water heaters, and pipes all go through wear and tear each day. Most people rarely think about how much they use various parts of their plumbing system every day. If your pipe bursts in winter, you’ll likely need some type of installation to completely resolve the issue. You should select a plumber who will provide both installations and repairs. Hiring a plumber who only does repairs can cost extra time and money—especially with a problem that requires a prompt solution.

Imagine that you’ve researched, called the plumbing company with all the right questions, and requested a quote. The plumber arrives and assesses the situation, only to inform you that this isn’t a job he can do because you need a part replacement. You’ll have to start the process from scratch. You can prevent this from happening by asking about installations during your first call.


DM Select Services Is At Your Service 24/7

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When you need an experienced, reputable Lorton plumbing company on the job, call DM Select Services! No matter what time of day or night, you can pick up the phone and trust that we’ll be there to answer. Emergencies happen when you least expect them, so we offer plumbing services around the clock from our friendly and efficient plumbers.

Each technician and installer is properly insured and licensed and carries appropriate identification in a fully stocked vehicle. We are a family-run HVAC and plumbing company serving Lorton, northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C., with old-school service that puts your satisfaction first.

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