DM Select Services has served Warrenton and the greater Northern Virginia area for more than 30 years, with technicians who know the local climate and have expertise in the whole spectrum of heating, cooling, HVAC and plumbing systems. We are available day and night, year-round to fix emergency issues, regular maintenance, and servicing, repairs and installations of plumbing, HVAC, air conditioning, and heating systems and components.

We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and you can find numerous testimonials on social media from satisfied clients who give us 5-star ratings. Check out our reviews on Yelp. Call us at (540) 613-1930 to schedule one of our well-trained and friendly technicians to assess your location – business or residential – for repairs, maintenance or installations. Visit our website to make a service request online, get a free quote or see our special discounts and offers.

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Warrenton, VA HVAC Services


Heating and Cooling in Warrenton VA | Why DM Select Services?

The heart of a business is the customers and our core value is to ensure the happiness, comfort, and safety of our clients through the services we provide. We want to keep you as a lifelong customer and the only way to do that is to offer service above expectations, courtesy, and fair pricing.

At DM Select, we seek to first hire the best and then make them even better through ongoing training in the latest industry technology and in customer care. We go that extra mile with you in mind, as we want our technicians to be able to handle whatever situation you have in a professional, expeditious, and friendly manner to put you at ease.

After receiving a service request or call, our technician will come to evaluate your location and situation. They will walk you through their assessment and recommendations, including the time needed to complete the job and pricing. After you make your decision, we will carry out the repair or installation as quickly as possible to get you back to a comfortable environment.

We’re happy to get you a second opinion at no cost. Our pricing is very competitive and we will go out of our way to accommodate your budget.

Warrenton VA – What Should I Look For in an HVAC System For My Home or Businesses?

Installing or replacing an HVAC system is a big commitment. You’re going to live with your decision for an average of 10-20 years, so you need to make sure you’re making the right one. There are so many elements to consider – the size and age of your home/business, the layout, your intended use, energy ratings for heating and cooling systems, type of system, and labor costs to name just a few.

With all of those questions buzzing in your brain about equipment that will affect the comfort, safety, and good health of your family or employees, – get rid of the guesswork and let DM Select Services help you. Our staff is highly qualified in all manner of heating, cooling, and ventilation, systems and are ready to come to your location, listen to your requirements, and give professional advice on systems that would suit you and your budget. Call us today on (540) 613-1930 for HVAC contractor services or visit us online.


Warrenton VA Heating Repair and Installation – Professional Services

Expert furnace and hot water heater installation by DM Select Services crew.When your heater is out of whack, you want a professional who will quickly identify the problem  and perform the necessary fixes fast. Whether at home or in the office, people need to be warm and comfortable to operate, and DM Select‘s technicians will swiftly get you back to proper temperatures.

Our professionals will investigate your site with a well-trained eye and offer solutions for any repairs needed. If you need an upgrade, they can advise on your best choices for a new heating system to keep your home or business is warm and cozy through many winters to come, while keeping your heating expenses to a minimum.

Heating systems last 10-20 years on average. If yours is approaching that age, now is a good time to take advantage of the newer systems on the market. Modern heating units are more energy-efficient, which means both saving energy and money on your utility bills. Call DM Select Services in Warrenton at (540) 613-1930 or get a free quote online.

Quick, Quality AC Repair in Warrenton VA

Image of a cheerful air conditioning repair techinician.Central to our core values is making sure our clients are happy, safe, and comfortable by providing effective, efficient service at the most affordable price. When your air-con has broken down on a scorching summer day, give us a call and our highly trained technicians will be there quickly, diagnose the problem, and swiftly deal with it.

If your air conditioning unit is older than 10 years and constantly in need of repairs, think about upgrading to a modern unit. HVAC and air conditioning technology in the past ten years has grown by such leaps and bounds that a new unit could save you up to 50% on your energy bills, not to mention savings in repairs and extra service visits. Call on DM Select at (540) 613-1930 to advise on new systems, repair existing systems, or set up regular maintenance visits.


Is HVAC Servicing Necessary?

Close to 40 years’ experience in HVAC servicing in the greater Northern Virginia area has taught us one thing – regular maintenance saves money. Regular visits from a qualified service person will ensure that your system runs smoothly all year and could save you from paying even more for repairs on issues that go unnoticed until it’s too late. For $180 annually, DM Select technicians will schedule 2 visits every year to clean your unit, check safety issues, and identify any emergent issues that may develop into larger problems if unchecked.


DM Select Services Warrenton VA | Always Available

Glacial conditions in winter or oven-blast temperature in the summer because of an HVAC failure is never fun. Get that fault fixed immediately – call DM Select Services now! Our fleet and professional technicians are ready seven days a week to quickly respond to emergency situations – and we don’t charge extra for weekends. For rapid response in Warrenton VA, submit an online service request or call (540) 613-1930.

“I often come across companies -big & small- who make mistakes, but never in my life have I come across a company so adamant on resolving them. After an error in pricing was made, the owner personally reached out to me to acknowledge the mistake and went above and beyond to remedy the issue. No hassles… no haggling… no nitpicking… just resolve! It’s situations like this that give me hope for the smaller companies operating amidst a world full of large corporate giants.

I look forward to working with DM Select in a month or so to get estimates for replacing my HVAC system. The tech that conducted the temporary repair was very knowledgeable and personable, and the owner left me in good confidence that I can recommend this company to folks around the neighborhood in similar need of HVAC work. Well done.”

- Chris R., Ashburn VA, 5 Star Review

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