An HVAC preventative maintenance plan may seem like something of a hyper redundancy. In the northern portion of Virginia and the surrounding region around Winchester, homeowners and business owners alike are subjected to four seasons.

This means that HVAC systems will be working year-round, combating the changing climate and weather conditions.

Here at DM Select Services, we see the value in regular maintenance of your system as it will work not only to keep that system working correctly throughout these changing seasons but also to save you money in the long run.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Services in Virginia

What is an HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plan?

Preventative maintenance plans are simple. A technician will be dispatched to clean, inspect, and perform repairs that may be needed on your HVAC system every three to six months. During these visits, the technician will clean/replace filters; check for any leaks or blockages; adjust the humidifier; inspect/clean water supply and drain hoses. They will also inspect to make sure all pumps, fans, and major components are in good working order.

Preventive programs are regular maintenance of the system. Some small repairs may be fixed on the spot. Still, if significant damage is found or complicated procedures are in order, the technician will schedule a follow-up visit once the materials/equipment needed is acquired.

Typical routine:

  • Filters Cleaned/Replaced
  • Thorough Inspection of Moving Parts
  • Check for Leaks/Blockages
  • Ventilation Inspection
  • Small Repairs if Needed and or Possible

Why not just perform repairs as needed?

Postponing regular maintenance in favor of waiting for a failure to have a technician inspect/repair equipment is a bad idea. Everything in the HVAC system works in conjunction, and one weak point can lead to multiple parts of the system failing prematurely. Not only that, repair costs, inflated energy bills, and poor indoor air quality will only negatively impact your quality of living.

Will this make my HVAC system last longer?

Maintenance and repairs are two very different things. Putting off maintenance will only reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of your equipment. Poorly maintained equipment will have to work harder and will not perform as well as those within a well-kept system. This means moving parts and significant components such as the air conditioning unit and water heater may fail prematurely.

A preventative maintenance program ensures these units and everything in between will maintain proper efficiency over more extended periods.

Maximized comfort throughout the seasons.

With a regular HVAC maintenance program in place, technicians will take the time to ensure the systems able to perform as best as possible throughout the year. During their visit, depending on the time of year and what months are to come, they will anticipate the coming seasons and ensure that when the time comes to the heater, air conditioner, fans and humidifier are ready to handle their use. Indoor air quality, climate control, and comfort overall will only benefit from these programs.

Will this save me money?

With an HVAC preventative maintenance program in place, you will save money in the long run. By keeping the system up to par, the chances of significant system failures will be controlled or even prevented from occurring. There is an up-front expense associated with a preventative maintenance program, but in most instances, the damages they work to avoid are quite a bit more costly than the programs. If the water heater fails on account of a lack of regular maintenance, the cost to replace or repair one can be as much as ten times what an HVAC preventative maintenance program would. Furthermore, heating and cooling equipment in poor condition soak up more power and will only drive up your energy bills.

Why Should I Purchase HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service?

Are these steps I can take myself?

Homeowners will often be motivated to take on the task of regular maintenance themselves to avoid having to spend money on a maintenance program.

Whether or not this is acceptable depends on the homeowner, what equipment they have available to them, and their experience. In short, a skilled technician will typically have access to tools and equipment necessary to perform the job efficiently, know what symptoms to look for and what they tell them about the moving parts, and how to best approach each step in the procedure.

While cleaning and inspection of the system can be done on one’s own, tampering with parts of the system one doesn’t fully understand can ultimately lead to poor performance and even damage to the system. Therefore, in most cases, it’s best to let an HVAC tech perform this routine procedure.

Concluding Thoughts

DM Select Services believes in preventative maintenance programs. This is the best possible way to get the most out of your HVAC system and to keep surprise expenses at a minimum. These programs will give you peace of mind as you will not be left wondering when you will need to spend money on costly repairs as energy bills climb on account of faulty equipment.